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Virtual Transcriber

Do you need to convert your audio meetings transcribed?
Do you have lots of conferences to transcribe?
Do you want to have your audio files transcribed faster?
Transcription not accurate?


You will be able to choose what the bacground of your transcriber will have. From medical, legal, secretarial and other backgrounds to increase the reliability of your transcriptions.
You can send us your media files (audio or video) using email, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), upload using our portal or we can download it directly from your servers.
No matter what your needs are we are here to help you reach your goal ! ! !
Your virtual employee will work for your project full time. Tell us the skills needed and we will deliver.
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Transcriptions we do :
  Focus Groups
  Legal Depositions
  Radio Broadcasts
  Television Shows
  Music Videos
  Telephone and Video Conference